Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, I have succeeded in getting my book in some bookstores.
People's Co-Op Bookstore
Spartacus Books
Metaphysical Bookstore

The thing they have in common is that the are small independent bookstores. The larger bookstores, Chapter's, droned on about upcoming renovations, limited shelf space and various other reasons; which after a minute just sound like Charlie Brown's teacher to me.

Now I would understand if they rejected the book after reading it. The little bookstores all read the book before accepting it. I also find it hard to believe that limited shelf space could be used as a reason for not carrying a book when you store is three stories tall. So what is their problem?

I think it is the same problem that is afflicting most of North American society, big business vs. small business. A small business is run by someone that loves their trade, in this case a bibliophile. Generally speaking, no one invests all their time and money into a venture unless they feel passionate about it. Thus a new book is another treasure.

Now with a big business things are different. The manager of a chain store outlet probably hates his job, considers himself underpaid and considers himself overworked. This is despite the fact that he might make more and work less than the small businessman. A little book will just make him have to work harder for no benefit. In fact, it may actually cause a reprimand due to 'loss of effiency'. It should also be noted that while his resume may say that he loves books, that affair ended a long time ago.

The upshot of this is that big business homogenizes culture and promotes a subtle form of censorship. A nationwide chain only requires a few hundred 'content producers', while independent bookstore foster a literate local community. Online bookstores are even worse; Amazon was created just due to realization that all those little bookstores are easy prey.

So to all those people who ask "What ever happened to customer service?" the answer is that your mutual funds killed it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First post

Welcome to my new blog.

I am beginning the exciting journey of being an author and have decided to blog about the experience. By "beginning" I mean that a few boxes of my book, "The Way It Is: A new perspective of science" arrived in the mail about three weeks ago. I've been working on this book for about eight years now and I quite happy about the finished work. It solves twenty unanswered problems in physics. Who could ask for more? It should herald in a monumental change in the way we perceive the universe and our place in it. Well, assuming I can sell any.

My challenge now is the selling part of the book business. People who are good at selling are extroverted, talkative social butterflies . People who are good at writing are introverted, reclusive bookworms. My big challenge now is to change my external personality to adapt my role from researcher to salesman. The first thing I have to do is not think "blah" when I type the word salesman. Maybe I'll use the word promoter instead.

So here is my first stab at being a promoter...
You can buy my book on EBay!